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Brad Palmer

Brad Palmer

Technical Head

For the last 20 years, Brad has run a successful IT Company providing a wide range of support to both residential and business customers, covering everything from basic hardware to system design and analysis.

During this time Brad has worked with a variety of technologies in the webspace and recently has moved his focus to web hosting, design and cloud technology.

With a passion for IT security, all of the web projects we undertake are designed with the individual’s data security in mind.

Jade Masters

Jade Masters

Creative Head

Over the past 25 years, Jade has primarily worked in the arts industry as a professional musician and as an event, artist and tour manager, delivering a range of services across Australia. Jade’s outstanding contribution to the arts led to a WA Business News award (40under40) in 2011.

Throughout this time Jade undertook numerous projects including co-founding and managing TOO SOLID Records – a West Australian Indigenous record label. As Executive Producer of 5 award-nominated albums, Jade oversaw production, art and design, coupled with the national delivery of each record including the promotional rollout campaigns that consisted of radio, and hard and soft copy press.

In 2010, Jade’s innate creative edge led him to website development and design where he has since produced stunning works for Origin martial arts and fitness academy, Hostbud, Penguin Budo, Creative Rookery and the Disability Expo to name just a few.

Moreover, Jade’s passion for writing further netted numerous successful arts grants, tenders and sponsorship applications securing thousands of dollars for major festivals and events across Western Australia and abroad. Jade’s knack for writing has also produced numerous website content pieces, aiding in business growth and branding.